Software for desktop PC

We develop on Microsoft.NET platform with C# language. As presentation technology we use both Windows Form and preferred modern WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). Our software can easily interface with any database server. We often use Firebird Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

Web server side

For server side web developing we rely on LAMP platform: Apache web server on a Linux system, MySQL database server and PHP programming language. We develop also LAMP platform applications, where Apache web server is hosted by a Windows system.

Web client side

On browser side we work with HTML/XML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery as far web pages rendering is concerned. We worked on several project where AJAX technology had a major role.

Augmented reality

We develop mainly for iOS, using Unity as a graphics engine and ARKit as a framework for managing content in augmented reality.

Methodologies and quality

Whatever technology o programming language is used, we always follow basic software development rules, in order to produce quality and bug-free sofware. We use code versioning systems for team work; for any project, even the most simple, we develop object oriented code consistently incapsulated, as guarantee of reusability, realiability and upward scalability; we develop stratified code, always lying on a framework developed by us that guarantees reusability of functions and libraries tested over the years, in order to minimize errors and reduce production costs.
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