Augmented reality

LIZARD: An Augmented Reality Framework

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (abbreviated "AR") can be defined as the integration in real time digital content with the surrounding environment.
Unlike Virtual Reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, Augmented Reality uses the existing environment and adds new content to it.

Apps and Augmented Reality

The augmented reality used in the development of Apps for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) allows the user to live an immersive experience thanks to the positioning of three-dimensional objects (and not) in the real environment and the use of the same on the screen of your device.
For example, the user can place one or more objects in the room in which they are located, turning around them or approaching to analyze a detail.
It is also possible to manipulate these objects, by rotating or moving them, changing their color, all with extreme simplicity.         

What is Lizard

Lizard is a framework that puts augmented reality at the center of App development for companies or end consumers.
By framework we mean a set of tools that allow developers to create reality apps in an efficient and robust way, packaging a customized and personalized product.

Areas of Use

The number of apps that use augmented reality technologies is increasing sharply, thanks to the fact that the tools available to developers are in turn constantly and exponentially improving.    
The main areas of use of Apps that use augmented reality algorithms are the following:
  • virtual furniture
  • sales support
  • events and fairs
  • digital showroom
  • modeling and prototyping


An interesting feature of Lizard , aimed at younger people, is the possibility to share their augmented reality experience with friends, by interfacing with the Social Apps installed on your device.    
By using the appropriate icon it is in fact possible, while using the App, to take a photo of what appears on the screen, immediately sharing the resulting image.

App as a Service

Unlike other worlds such as Windows software rather than automation, App development cannot be separated from a constant update.
This development model is dictated by the timing with which the big names in the sector, Apple and Google, release new models and versions of operating systems.
It is therefore necessary at least at least annually to update your Apps, supporting new versions of operating systems, any new models and removing compatibility with old devices that sometimes bind the App to outdated technologies and logic.
Faced with this scenario, the Apps developed on the Lizard framework are offered in the form of an annually renewable "Service", to which naturally an initial setup and customization which will only weigh on the first year.


Lizard uses the most advanced technologies to offer the best user experience on each platform. The "revolution" in the sector began in autumn 2017, when Apple, releasing the iOS 11 operating system, made available an SDK known as ARKit .    
This tool has proven to be much more advanced than any other platform that was previously usable, giving developers the opportunity to create very engaging apps.
Lizard therefore relies on this new tool to create customized apps tailored to the customer.          


Our framework is compatible with almost all the iOS devices currently in circulation.    
Most devices support ARKit technology, and therefore can enjoy an advanced user experience. Compatible devices are iPhone 6S or higher, iPad Pro, iPad 2017 or higher.
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