Custom software

We develop custom software for Windows operating systems, the Web and mobile devices. We produce both standalone and client/server applications.

Our strength the high custom level of our applications, this is possible thanks to a scrupulous requirements analysis run side by side with the Customer or end users.

We strongly believe in adopting custom software for a company: custom software, designed around Customer needs, fits with the work rhythm of the company, becoming day by day an effective help to the production, and not just something too difficult to use, or evena a snag for your work. It facilitates the information exchange and the resources share within the company. Custom software grows over time and evolves along with your business, and it adapts to production process changes.

Our goal is to suggest the use of applications that improve the work within the company, improving efficiency and productivity, without upsetting the standard duties and information flow. We produce programs that suits to Customer way to work, not vice versa.

Some examples:

  • software for vending machines
  • software for machinery (interfaced through serial/USB ports/ethernet)
  • software for temperature and environment parameters checking
  • condominium management software
  • reporting/statistics software
  • activities, roles and duties magagement
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